Swimming Pool Plumbing

Swimming Pool Plumbing

The plumbing network is the mainstay of your swimming pools. The quality of your pools totally depends on their plumbing substructures. Swimming Pool Plumbing includes the pipes and fixtures for the distribution and disposal of pool water.

Swimming Pool Plumbing is responsible for the working of all the departments of your pools, such as pool filtration, pool cleaning, chlorination systems, waterfalls, pool/spa heating, spa jets/air, skimmers, aerators, auto water-levelers, drains/returns.


Pumps and Filters

Swimming Pool Plumbing mainly includes the flitting of pumps, plumbing runs, auto water levelers, filters, gas heaters, and chlorinators. Your pumps are the source of water for your pools. The size of your pools is the factor that determines the right horsepower of the pumps. You should use pumps exactly according to the size the length of your plumbing runs, otherwise, you’ll be paying higher monthly electricity bills.

Your plumbing runs costs depend on the length of your plumbing runs; the more length, the more you’ll be paying. Your pool’s run substructures hold the main key to getting the best pools. So, these need to set up the best possible ways to get effective results.


Auto Water Levelers

The Auto Water Levelers (AWLs) of your pools are tapped into the hoses that are used to fill your pools. Usually, 3/4″ PVC hookups are used to link up AWLs. Auto Water Levelers are the devices that monitor the water level of your pools and automatically fill up your pools when the water level dips below a certain level.


Pool Heaters

You can put your heaters in locations best suiting to your pools, but your heaters needed to be at least four feet from any property line. According to U.S. state codes, the exhaust vent of the heater unit must be 4 feet from any property line. The unit itself can be within the 4-foot boundary, but not the exhaust vent.



Skimmers are also chosen according to the sizes of your pools. Skimmers skim off and suck up leaves and other debris floating at the surface of the water of your pool.

Skimmers are installed right at the water lines so that at normal levels, the pool water is about halfway up their openings. The rest of the debris settles down to the bottom where your pool vac can suck it up.

The main drains are tied to the bottom of the skimmers. The drains are mainly used to provide enough water from the pool for filtration. Usually 2″ PVC is used in skimmer plumbing. This includes the run from the equipment to the skimmers and from the skimmers to the main drains.



The pipes that return filtered water back to the pool are called returns. The water sucked in from the pool via the pool vac and/or the skimmer/main drains goes through the filter and returns the pool evenly distributed through these return pipes. Nowadays, looped returns are common to give even water flow distribution. This is called an Anti-Vortex drain.


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